5 reasons why winter beats summer

I’m calling it, the cold winter weather is here to stay. Well that’s what I’m hoping anyway.

I don’t know about you, but to me, winter will always beat summer. Sure, holidays are great. But that’s what, 2 weeks of your entire summer? And hello?! Didn’t you got the memo? Winter sun is where it is at now anyway! Now I know it’s not technically winter yet… but the seasons aren’t that well-defined in the UK!


So whilst I’m busy making my flat ‘Hygge’-approved, check out my top 5 reasons why winter is better than summer:


Fluffy animal slippers and pj bottoms1. Cosiness

See above: Hygge (pronounced HUE-gah). This Danish concept doesn’t have a direct translation, but it loosely translates into the art of living cosily, and the general feeling of well-being with friends and family. All through the summer we are outside, scantily clad and getting up to all sorts of mischief, winter is the time for snuggling down, drawing the curtains and lighting some candles. And onesies. Rarely are there acceptable social occasions to wear a onesie all day when you are an adult. Cold weather? Excuse found.


2. Layering

I’m not going to lie, I have yet to master the art of layering without resembling some sort of Michelin Man. But covering up in scarves, gloves, cardigans and jackets is, to me, the grown-up version of a comfort blanket. No more heatwaves means I don’t have to feel equally sickened at the thought of wearing clothes and being nude. The season of no carbs before Marbs (curse you) is over, so bring on the pasta, stews, pies and bakes. Which segways nicely into…


3. Comfort foodChicken noodle soup with bacon and a bread roll

All the best things in life are covered in pastry. I’m taking a lot of inspiration from the Danish in this post, but considering they are the world’s happiest country – I think it’s justified! Comfort food in autumn/winter means never having to say you’re sorry. That’s what the layers are for! See? It’s all coming together.


4. Commuting

Now this might only apply to Londoners and inner city dwellers. But it’s a biggie. The tube in summer is probably the most horrific part of commuting. Hot, sweaty, dirty, grimy, ugh. It’s nightmare-inducing and a good motivation to start walking to work. Commuting in winter is still not much better, but slippery floors I can deal with. Sweaty armpits an inch to my face? That’s a deal breaker.


5. IT’S PRETTYEntrance to Winter Wonderland, London, Hyde Park

Autumn has the beautiful golden leaves, the crisp morning air and berry tones everywhere. Winter has thestark contrasting landscape of dark trees and pale roads, and that crunch on morning frost really is one of life’s simple pleasure. I went a bit Thomas Hardy there, but you catch my drift. What does summer have to offer in return? A fat middle-aged man with a gold chain around his neck and no t-shirt, sweating profusely. Nice.


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