How to get experience when you have no experience

Hands up if you’ve ever been personally victimised by an entry level job advert asking for experience 🙋🏻

As a writer, one of the biggest difficulties is getting your first job. I must’ve been sending at least 30 job applications a day at my peak, with the knowledge that only 5% would ever deign to get back to me, if only to give me a rejection.


There isn’t a golden ticket or magic key in this situation. It sucks. It’s hard and it takes its toll on your self-esteem. But what someone wise once told me, is that you should always aim to write everyday.


I’m not talking a novel, or even anything worth publishing. But if you can write a few hundred words, or even just a paragraph, then this will keep your writer juices flowing (soz, mental image).


Which leads me onto my next point: write a blog!


I know, I know, it seems that everyone and their mother, aunt and long lost cousin three times removed is writing a blog these days. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for you. The internet is a vast, wonderful, ever-expanding space (desperately trying to avoid a universe metaphor), and the blogosphere is just as wide reaching. Besides, keeping a blog means you have a record of your writing ability. As long as you’re not being offensive with what you’re writing, then it’s fair game. Or if you are, then do it with conviction!


Keeping a blog means you can link it from your LinkedIn, send it with job applications and use it as evidence of writing experience. If it then gains a bit of traffic then you can use this as well!


Like I said, there’s no magic key, it’s a lot of hard work, but that call to say you got the job is what makes it all worth it.

Now if you want to make your blog gain a bit of traffic, then I have the SEO tips for you!

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