SEO is a subject that causes most people not in the know to switch off. People think it’s boring, techy and for geeks. I mean, I am a bit of a geek. But still. SEO IS FUN! Kind of. Anyway. SEO actually makes a hell of a lot of difference to your website traffic and any CTR (click through rate), but it’s ever-changing due to Google making it more complex and chopping and changing their top secret algorithm.

Instead of giving you an in-depth lesson into the technical side of SEO (because we may need an energy drink for that), I thought I’d compile a little snapshot of quick, easy, super simple steps you can take to optimise your content. This works fabulously for those of you that run a casual blog and are wondering how to increase traffic.

  1. Get yourself a plug-in

    We’re not talking Airwick, people. SEO plug-ins are really useful for those starting out a blog. There are some great little plug-ins that will give you reminders to add a focus word, or not write a really long meta description, etc. Personally, I think Yoast is great for starting out, and the tips become habit sooner than you think.

  2. Research those keywords

    If you write a post on evening wear, guess what? There are thousands, even MILLIONS of web pages already in existence out there that have written about evening wear. Your job is to make Google think that YOUR post is the bees knees, the MUST-HAVE evening wear of the moment! So research your keywords. Are you talking about summer evening wear, or winter? Dresses or tops? Incorporating these words can help focus your traffic, so people are more likely to read, explore & return to your site.

  3. Alt-tags

    Something a lot of people overlook are the alt-tags on your images. If you have images on your blog (which you should), then having it named image_05325.jpg with no alt tag is not the most helpful term for Google to search. Descriptive, detailed image tags will help Google rank it higher, and where do people often go from there? ‘Visit website’. Exactly.

  4. Get to the point

    Ok, ok, I know this is vague. But it’s important, nonetheless. I have seen so many blog posts, that flounder around a subject, or use really bizarre clickbait headlines that don’t have anything to do with your content. If you’re talking about your evening meal, then say that. Obviously, if the creative juices are what’s going down, then that’s fine, but it’s getting the balance between creativity and SEO techniques.

  5. Linking your posts

    Imagine you’re reading a blog post. It’s fantastic, witty, and you want more. But to get to more content, you have to go back to the homepage, search for what you want, then repeat the whole process again. You wouldn’t, right? If, like me, you click off because IT’S JUST TOO HARD. Then don’t think of yourself as an impatient millennial, think of yourself as a customer, trying to complete a journey. User experience is hugely beneficial when telling Google just what your blog is trying to achieve, so link up your pages with a ‘you may like’ sidebar. Or even including links within your copy. It all helps.


If you haven’t fallen asleep by now, then congrats, I salute you. If you are just trying to solve a problem like your traffic, then these tips can be really easy and you will see the results. Trust me on this.

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