For a few years now I’ve been firm in the belief that humans eat WAY too much meat. Seriously, you only need to follow The Food Bible, or watch Epic Meal Time to know that in the Western world, we are obsessed with meat. I know, because I follow The Food Bible, and I drool. Or I did. But now? Not so much.


As noted in my recent post, I pump an awful lot of medication into my body on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for that, but it does make you wonder if there’s an alternative. Thinking about that, combined with this idea of the amount of meat we consume, and a whole lot of anecdotes regarding autoimmune disease & dietary changes, I’ve started to wonder whether I should jump on the bandwagon.


I like meat. I used to like it more. Now I find myself being put off, as my medication gives me severe nausea which I find is often triggered by the smell of meat. I’ve found myself cooking a chicken casserole, only to not eat any because the smell has made me feel so ill I lose my appetite. Hungover today, I bought fried chicken on my way home because that’s what I thought my body was craving. But I could barely stomach two mouthfuls of my usual go-to hangover cure. What’s happening to me? I wondered. But then it kind of clicked.


So here I am. Foraying into a completely unknown world to me: Vegetarianism. But before I go full plant warrior on you all, let me make one thing clear. This is an experiment. I want to see results before ruling out the omnivore lifestyle completely. But I like vegetables anyway, so it’s not like it’ll be a huge drama for me. More a breaking of routine.


That’s it really, I’ll keep you updated. If anyone else has found any health conditions improve after changing to a vegetarian or vegan diet, I’d love to hear from you.

Finding Nemo Scene; Fish are Friends Not Food

My Vegetarian Inspo – Bruce, Finding Nemo (I probably have his willpower too, let’s be honest.)