I’m going to stop right there. Because as far as I can tell, what with my entirely biased view point, there is no problem with millennials. The whole ‘kids these days turn up and expect a medal’ phrase that I have unfortunately heard one too many times in my short 3 year career, is complete and utter bullshit.

To me, it’s extremely revealing about the human psyche that our parents, grandparents, elders in any way, who, hopefully, have consistently supported, encouraged and nurtured throughout our lives until now, would hold such underlying tones of bitter and resentment when speaking about us in the workplace. What’s up with that?

You know what’s difficult? Working to pay my way through internships in the capital throughout university. Incredible pressure to get the top grade because that’s the only grade a graduate scheme will accept. Including 5 internships and volunteer work. Working for absolute pittance because that’s the only job out of the 120 you applied for that ever got back to you. And you need experience, because 5 internships and volunteer work isn’t enough.

But what is most difficult is the feeling that you are being judged by the people that have shaped your nature because they have taught you to empower yourself.

But this is frowned upon by some, they believe this behaviour is demanding medals for showing up. Not the tireless effort and work and determination it took to get to that place. Since when did asking for career progression and company benefits equate to a sense of entitlement?

I hope that anyone reading this can consider what their words mean to a generation (who are, by the way, some of the highest educated & highest achieving) who are being made to feel victimised for  their achievements purely because they never ‘put up and shut up’.