As I sit here, glass of wine in one hand, chocolate bar in the other, I wonder why more people don’t call bullshit on New Year resolutions.

The idea that we are supposed to suddenly change who we are, ‘correct’ ourselves at the turn of the year seems like a ridiculous notion. Only 66% of people in the UK keep their New Year resolutions all through January, and the number rapidly declines after that. So I’m suggesting something revolutionary… mind-blowing… outstanding… why don’t we just accept who we are?

I exaggerated. But you can see that, so why can’t the majority of people see how unrealistic the idea of New Year resolutions are?

A new year isn’t going to suddenly give me the stamina or motivation to get a Victoria’s Secret body, and it’s not going to make me hate the taste of red wine or a G&T. I’ve long despised the fad-dieting that has gripped like an epidemic for as long as I can remember. Calorie counting and cutting out major food groups is enough to send me into a mini-rage. No, maybe I won’t have a six-pack or a bum like Josephine Skriver (thank me later), but there’s so much that I have to be thankful for in my life that doesn’t boil down to what I look like or how ‘clean’ I am.

We are in a constant state of competition, especially the millennial generation, so the feeling of failure that can set in if you don’t stick to your goals can be extreme. I’d much rather spend January reflecting on the year, and wondering what will be to come in the future. Maybe I won’t eat a wheel of cheese a day. OR MAYBE I WILL. Either way, it’s ok.

If you do feel the need to set New Year resolutions, go easy on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for craving Dairy Milk or missing a day at the gym. We’re only human! Plus, January sucks.

In the meantime… chin chin! * raises glass *

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