Top Tips For Packing Hand Luggage For 2 Weeks

So if you’ve read my 2 week itinerary for Italy (if you haven’t, then WHY ARE YOU TORTURING ME), then you might be thinking, “but Mikaela, how DID you travel by train for 2 weeks with ALL that luggage?!”


Hint: I didn’t.


I didn’t wear the same thing all holiday, if that’s what you’re thinking. All I took was 1 hand luggage suitcase. Yep, for 2 weeks. But it’s definitely do-able, with so much more freedom than having to roll around a big suitcase everywhere.

Packing Hand Luggage for 2 Weeks Packing Hand Luggage For 2 Weeks

Evidence of me wearing different clothes. I promise I wasn’t smelly.


It took a little preparation, mentally more than anything. For the modern traveller, we’re so used to packing everything including the kitchen sink, so challenging myself to take 2 weeks worth of clothes in a cabin sized luggage case felt quite refreshing.


If the idea takes your fancy, I’ve compiled a few top tips for packing hand luggage for 2 weeks:

Measure Up

I may have taken hand luggage, but I’m not a fool. When you’ve booked your flights, check the airline’s requirements for hand luggage, then search for hand luggage that absolutely maximises this.

Multi-Tasking Clothes

PRIORITISE! I mean it, people! Do you really need a pair of jeans for every day of a 2 week holiday in 30 degree temperatures? Take it from me, loosely fitting clothes will be a lifesaver when exploring somewhere all day. Plus, if you’re less likely to sweat then you can wear them more than once!

Check the Weather

Following the above note, check the weather forecast of every place you’re going to about a week beforehand. I used the iPhone app to add every location to my phone, but I don’t find it very reliable. Accuweather has an extended forecast, but you can also search for average temperatures. There’s no need to pack a jumper ‘in case it’s chilly’ when it hasn’t been chilly since the dawn of time.

Comfy Shoes

This should be common sense, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who pack a pair of fancy heels for the evening then never wear them. If you’re walking around a lot, trainers and sandals are your best friends, plus if you’re near water or a beach, waterproof sandals are a life saver! No-one wants soggy bottom trainers.

Roll, Don’t Fold

I was sceptical of this when I read about it before my trip – but rolling your clothes is a great way of saving space, and it helps keep more wrinkles out than if you fold! It also means that you can utilise those areas of empty space, like inside shoes, and awkward angles, to maximise packing space.


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