Why a country detox is sometimes what you need…


Do you ever find that sometimes everything just gets a little… overwhelming?


I love my city. I love the lights and the people and the glitz and the constant array of pop-up bars and restaurants. But sometimes the lights are too harsh and the people are too rude. Sometimes the glitz is a façade and the bars are just all the same.

I’ve been feeling like this for a while. So I knew it was time to get away, to refresh myself, to remember what I love about the city and why I am not quite yet ready to move back to the country.

My favourite ladies were having similar thoughts, so we booked a cute AirBnB and off we went to the ever-so picturesque Moreton-in-Marsh.

Moreton-in-marsh coffee shop

When you hop off the train, you can find yourself sniffing around furiously, breathing in all that good clean (slightly compost-y) country air. It’s enough to make you a little light headed, especially when you’re used to thick, heavy air in central London.


After stocking up in the town, we made our way to the most remote, most delightful village I have ever visited, Snowshill. With only a small pub to its name, we knew we had hit the perfect country getaway jackpot. The cottage was naturally, stunning. Enough so that we wandered around squealing, bumping into things whilst trying to get the perfect picture. After strolling through the village, petting the horses and antagonising the geese, we chowed down to the most delicious stew that was made with love… plus a gallon of red wine.

Snowshill apartment

Mugs at Snowshill

Snowshill countryside

There is something about the countryside that makes you forget all your outside worries. From the moment I left the city to the moment I arrived back, the stress and the uncertainty was banished from my mind. It makes you remember all the wonderful things you have in your life that don’t boil down to material possession.

Miniature pony


Snowshill countryside 1

With a 12 mile walk under our belt, 3 empty bottles of red wine, and a refreshed mind set, we headed back to the city on Sunday. Pulling into London Paddington, that fresh air hit is replaced with a constant buzz in a sea of people. But that break from reality, being surrounded by the natural beauty of the world, gave us a little boost. Whilst we slip into old habits and passive aggressive tendencies, we know that there’s a place like Snowshill waiting for us one day.

Emma and Maria

In the meantime, there’s always new bars to explore…

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